Wildlands and Woodlands: 2012 UPDATE

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W&W 2012 update

In 2010, a group of scientists from across the region released Wildlands and Woodlands, A Vision for the New England Landscape, an ambitious call for all New Englanders to reverse current development trends and retain 70% of the New England region in forest -- a total of 30 million acres --with 90% conserved as sustainably managed woodlands and 10% conserved as protected wildland reserves.

A newly released 2012 W&W Update celebrates some of the recent success stories in increasing the pace of New England conservation- and the many committed people behind that success. The W&W Update includes examples of innovative conservation deals, policy initiatives, finance strategies, community collaboration, and how the W&W vision is helping inspire new conservation collaboration in New England and beyond. Today, W&W represents both a bold conservation vision and the growing network of groups and individuals seeking to achieve it. The Update may be downloaded here, and print copies of the W&WVision and the 2012 Update are available upon request at: info@wildlandsandwoodlands.org