Conservation Leadership Dialogue on Conservation and Climate Change

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2008 Report on Conservation and Climate Change

In May of 2008 the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy once again hosted a conference, this time in Washington DC, to discuss primarily "how the land and biodiversity conservation community can effectively devise and implement effective adaptive management strategies to address the ongoing impacts of climate change on conservation land and water resources, as well as agriculture and rural communities." Read more of the report.

The primary coordinators of the event, Jim Levitt and Charles Chester wrote the follow-up essay on the 2008 conference discussed below:

Conservation and Climate Change: The Immediate Need to Adapt
James N. Levitt and Charles C. Chester, Fall 2008

Climate change is not just an impending problem that will effect generations to come. It is already taking its toll on both coastal and semi-arid regions around the globe. Scientists and policy makers are working fervently to address these issues before they grow any more, but more work needs to be done to adapt to imminent changes. Levitt and Chester discuss the work that has already been done, and the steps our society must take in order to ensure a stable future in the face of a changing climate. The article was published in Innovations, a quarterly journal published by the MIT press, in Fall 2008.