Conservation Innovation Update: 3rd Qtr 2011

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Conservation Finance Forum:
Building a Practitioners' Network for Large Landscape Conservation
July 13, 2011

Large Landscape Conservation

~This event was a Webinar and took place online.~

Join us Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 11 am EST for a live, online chat with LYNN SCARLETT, former Acting Secretary of the US Department of the Interior, BOB BENDICK, Director of U.S. Government Relations at The Nature Conservancy, and SHAWN JOHNSON, the University of Montana-affiliated Coordinator of the Practitioners' Network for Large Landscape Conservation (PNLLC).

Bendick and Scarlett will address the recent formation and purpose of the Practitioners' Network, as well as plans to use the Network to share best practices in the field over at least the next several years.

Johnson will then review plans for interested conservationists to join a day-long, face-to-face Practitioners' Network workshop being held on Friday, October 14, 2011 at the Land Trust Rally in Milwaukee. He will also discuss how a limited number of scholarships for the PNLLC workshop are being made available.

Lynn Scarlett, Bob Bendick and Shawn Johnson

Lynn Scarlett is former Acting Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior. During her service at Interior she was a prominent and enthusiastic advocate for "cooperative conservation" across agencies, sectors and vast landscapes. As one of the principal organizers of the 2005 White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, Scarlett helped to shine a bright light on initiatives across the nation that are helping to define conservation practice in the twenty-first century. Today, Lynn Scarlett teaches at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, serves as a consultant to leading conservation organizations and is an author of numerous studies, including the recent Policy Focus Report published by the Lincoln Institute on Large Landscape Conservation: A Strategic Framework for Policy and Action.

Bob Bendick, who has been a previous guest on this Internet Broadcast series, has served The Nature Conservancy in a variety of senior management positions in the southeast United States and in Washington, D.C. He now directs TNC's US Government Relations effort. Along with Scarlett, Bendick has agreed to serve as Co-Chair of the newly formed Practitioners' Network for Large Landscape Conservation.

Scarlett and Bendick will be joined by Shawn Johnson, who is writing his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Michigan and coordinating several large landscape conservation related initiatives at the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at the University of Montana. A Montana native, Shawn has extensive experience helping to catalyze conservation efforts in the Crown of the Continent region that spans the borders of Montana, Alberta and British Columbia. As the coordinator for the PNLLC, Johnson is quite knowledgable about the emerging field of large landscape conservation.

To hear the entire online webinar click here.