Conservation Innovation Update: 1st Qtr 2006

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Conservation Finance Forum Webchat:
From Walden to Wall Street: Frontiers of Conservation Finance

February 27, 2006

In the absence of innovations in the field of conservation finance, a daunting funding gap faces conservationists aiming to protect America's system of landscapes that provide sustainable resources, water, wildlife habitat, and recreational amenities. Experts estimate that the average annual funding gap will be between $1.9 billion and $7.7 billion over the next forty years. A new book on conservation finance, From Walden to Wall Street, brings together the experience of more than a dozen pioneering conservation finance practitioners to present groundbreaking ideas for dramatically expanding the availability of capital for land and biodiversity conservation in the United States.

During this online event, which occurred February 27, 2006, we heard from four of the volume's contributors:

We discussed the array of promising opportunities presented in the book, including: mainstreaming environmental markets; using regional revolving loan funds to leverage the efforts of local land conservation organizations; building a system of conservation finance to service initiatives across the continent; and identifying new sources of state and federal funding for land conservation. The forum was then opened to allow attendees to ask questions of the panelists.

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